300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

300-Hour Yoga TEacher Training in Rishikesh, India. Internationally Certified Yoga Training Program. A Holistic approach towards authentic teaching of Hatha Yoga in India.

The Bodhi Yoga – One of the Best Yoga Schools in Rishikesh offers 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India for advanced training. This is an international course on yoga. Program entitles you to be a registered yoga teacher. This is one of the advanced courses conducted by The Center. After completing a 200 Hour Yoga TTC from any RYS including The Bodhi Center, you may want to deepen your skills and knowledge. This 300 Hour yoga teacher training is the next step in your journey of yoga.

This program is advanced in both approach and intensity. We have included Gherands Samhita as guides for traditional practices. We have also included to physiological benefits of various yoga techniques which is the part of holistic healing. This will help you to gain and develop individualized self practice and routine which will help you to tune with your body, mind and life!

Eligibility: 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

  • You need to have completed 200 Hour course.
  • Minimum age of participation is 18 year.
  • Please talk to us regarding any physical condition which can limit your full immersion in the course.
  • Sincere desire to learn deeper aspects of yoga, including higher practices not limited only to Asanas.
  • This is a residential program of 35 days. So leave all the worries behind for that duration.

300-Hour Certification (RYT 300) – Yoga Alliance

20 Sep 2023
28 Oct 2023US$1800(Single)
US$1700 (Shared Double room)
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25 Nov 2023
30 Dec 2023US$1800 (Single)
US$1700 (Shared Double room)
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15 Dec 2023
05 Jan 2024US$1800 (Single)
US$1700 (Shared Double room)
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03 Feb 2024
07 Mar 2024US$1800 (Single)
US$1700 (Shared Double room)
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06 Apr 2023
11 May 2024US$1800 (Single)
US$1700 (Shared Double room)
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23 Sep 2024
28 Oct 2024US$1800 (Single)
US$1700 (Shared Double room)
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23 Nov 2024
28 Dec 2024US$1800 (Single)
US$1700 (Shared Double room)
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*valid only if you book one month before course date.


300 Hour Yoga TTC India: Schedule

» 06:15 am15 MinNasal Cleansing / Shatkarma
» 06:30 am55 MinChanting and Pranayama
» 07:30 am90 MinYoga Asana Practice
» 09:00 amNABreakfast
» 10:30 am90 MinYoga Philosophy
» 11:30 am55 MinYoga Anatomy / Physiology / Therapy
» 12:30 pmNALunch
» 03:30 pm55 MinArt of teaching / Correction
» 04:30 pm75 MinLight Asanas
» 06:00 pm45 MinMeditation / Pranayama
» 07:15 pmNADinner
» 10:45 pmNALights Out


300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India- overview

  • Internationally certified 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course at RYS The Bodhi Yoga.
  • This is an relatively intense and advanced course, suitable for intermediate and advanced practitioners.
  • Rishikesh: a mesmerizing ancient Indian town, which has been a land of very prominent yogis and masters.
  • Learn yoga from qualified and experienced teachers.
  • Get a firm understanding of yogic tradition and its philosophy.
  • You will find an opportunity to explore Indian culture, food and people.
  • 35 days of comfortable stay and vegetarian food.
  • Covering not only all the essential topics but presenting in depth and through study of all the aspect of yoga.

Refund Policy

All aspirants are requested to take care while considering the time and resources required for the course before submitting the application for this 300-hour teacher training course. The deposit you made for confirmation of participation is not refundable. However, we understand that there may arise some unavoidable circumstances, in that case The Bodhi Center can allow our students to join courses on future scheduled dates at its discretion.

Code of conduct

  • Students should display and maintain proper discipline and follow daily schedule.
  • Any activity unrelated to the program may not be entertained.
  • Presence in all the classes is required.
  • For any reason if students are not able to attend any class, they must inform the management or teacher in advance.
  • This is a place for learning and sharing knowledge. Showing respect to teachers and fellow students helps us to maintain peaceful and supportive environment.
  • Any disagreement or difference of opinion should be put politely and respectfully. We support and encourage healthy discussion.

Evaluation and Certification

  • Assessment is part of this program. It consists of written and practical evaluation.
  • Students must fulfill minimum required attendance to be evaluated.
  • The Bodhi Center reserves the right of granting certificate.

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